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Are you creating a new architectural project? Let us help you realize it. Use our unique production process to create complex 3D structures. Here is how it works:


We collaborate with you to create a detailed 3D model of your design.


We work directly with structural engineers to calculate and dimension the structural design of your concrete structure.

Production planning

With the help of our computational design and robotic motion planning algorithms we process the 3D data and directly generate the machine code for production.

Robotic Fabrication

Our production team fabricates the 3D mesh elements at our robotic construction factory. We ensure that all modules fit together perfectly and pack and label them for shipment.


On the construction site, the builders follow our assembly documentation to fit the individual mesh elements together and to anchor and stabilize them with props.

Filling and finishing

The fully assembled mesh structure can now be filled with a special concrete mix that has been specifically developed for our product. After applying the concrete cover, the surface can be trowelled or be left as exposed shotcrete surface.

We are constantly developing more ways to use the Mesh Technology.